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Are you thinking of doing business with "The Wine Drinker" website?

If so, it may be worth reading on before you do.

The Wine Drinker Limited is owned and managed by Mr Sultan Rashid.

He also owns and manages a company he established a few years ago, called Twelve By Seventy Five Limited.

If you research this company online, you can see it is quite notorious, with people claiming to have lost hundreds of thousands of pounds in dealings with it.

If you read the blog on the link below, you can see that Mr Rashid accepts there are issues with Twelve By Seventy Five, but is very keen that his ownership of The Wine Drinker is not highlighted.

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Final word

 We must make clear that we have had no dealings with The Wine Drinker Limited and make no comment on it.  This website is merely highlighting the common ownership with Twelve By Seventy Five Limited and the information available on the web about that company.

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