Twelve by Seventy Five Accounts

Mr Rashid sometimes gets confused!

In his first set of accounts for year ended 31-1-17 he discloses £657,000 of loans taken by him and Riccardo DeNardis (fellow director at the time), along with a broadly equivalent liability for the company to pay into a pension trust.

Where's the money gone ?

In a recently published set of amended accounts there is no mention of these loans, nor the pension liability.   We are left to wonder where the money has gone.

Both sets of accounts can be viewed below.

31-1-18 Accounts

The effort of "correcting" the 2017 accounts must have been too much.  As of 4th November the accounts for year ended 31-1-18 (filing deadline 31st October 2018) are not on the Companies House website.  

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